Master index

From 2015.

EDIT 27th May 2020: I later decided to give up on the idea of keeping updating this. So the index only covers the earliest entries, representing a me already receding into the past. I’ve kept changing.

This is the master index to all posts on this blog. It will be updated at the end of each month. It is in reverse chronological order — newest posts first.

I also want to take this opportunity to mention that with each of the continuing “Let’s…” series, links to all previous entries in the series in question can be found at the end of each entry.

I made my first post for this blog on September 8th 2018, which I later realized was the 52nd anniversary of the premiere of the original STAR TREK. And lucky seven: 5 plus 2.

Statistics so far: 18 entries in 20 categories, a total of 6,418 words, not including this master index.

Here are all posts on a single page.

Master index

Chopin & Leisure Suit Larry — A whimsy: sheet music of a Chopin piece as it appears in a classic adventure game.

My interest in music — A wish or a future plan.

Transposing — An amusing consequence of doing so much music recently.

Let’s listen to Bob Dylan in Iceland: 1959 — Starting a chronological listen of all his released music, with Spotify playlists per year.

Let’s read THE GRAMOPHONE in Iceland: No. 3 — August 1923 — Some amusing quotes, and one less amusing one, from this issue, plus early music on the harpsichord.

Let’s watch THE RAY BRADBURY THEATER in Iceland: 1.01: “Marionettes, Inc.” — First entry in this series, which I am particularly happy with. A lot of work went into this, with plenty of screen captures. Mister Bradbury and this series deserve it.

The great auk and Fire Island — More about the great auk, with photos from a guest photographer.

The Settlement Exhibition, Reykjavík — A visit there, and a bit about the extinct flightless bird, the great auk.

1st day of school — My first day at the university, with photos.

“…a long, long time.” — Remembering a storyline in the science fiction series BABYLON 5.

Pitch shifting, rhythms, & a figure — What I was doing that day related to music, including a bit about my personal catalogue of rhythms, a notebook bought in Paris, and then also a little about our game SERENA.

Let’s read THE GRAMOPHONE in Iceland: No. 2 — June 1923 — Continuing the series, with more musical picks and a little about the harpsichord.

Sunset — A beautiful dusk.

Dream — An unsettling dream from the night before.

Bradbury country — Of Ray Bradbury, childhood, art, and Iceland.

Let’s read THE GRAMOPHONE in Iceland: No. 1 — April 1923 — First post in this series, with musical selections and a little random music theory.

What do you do? — A moment of reflection and a thought on creativity.

Welcome — Opening and introductory post with general thoughts about Iceland and life.


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