What do you do?

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Tjörnin (“The Pond”), a lake in central Reykjavík by the University of Iceland campus, Sept. 2018.

SEPTEMBER 8th 2018 — What do you do when life closes doors on you?

When it is no longer possible to express to someone what in your heart you wish to express? When you can no longer give what you would with your heart wish to give?

If you are creatively oriented, you may try to pour the feeling and warmth into your work. Beauty and love and sincere feeling are things this world can never have too much of.

Maybe someone who really needs it will find it and make it through another day or dark, dark night.

Art can be the greatest leap of faith of all, taken blind and deaf, with no reasonable hope of an echo back. A message in a bottle, hopefully carrying meaning or unexpected help.


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