Index: September 2018

Gold Dust 01
“Gold Dust” from 2015.

This is the monthly index for September 2018. Posts for the month in chronological order:

Welcome — Opening and introductory post with general thoughts about Iceland and life.

What do you do? — A moment of reflection and a thought on creativity.

Let’s read THE GRAMOPHONE in Iceland: No. 1 — April 1923 — First post in this series, with musical selections and a little random music theory.

Bradbury country — Of Ray Bradbury, childhood, art, and Iceland.

Dream — An unsettling dream from the night before.

Sunset — A beautiful dusk.

Let’s read THE GRAMOPHONE in Iceland: No. 2 — June 1923 — Continuing the series, with more musical picks and a little about the harpsichord.

Pitch shifting, rhythms, & a figure — What I was doing that day related to music, including a bit about my personal catalogue of rhythms, a notebook bought in Paris, and then also a little about our game SERENA.

“…a long, long time.” — Remembering a storyline in the science fiction series BABYLON 5.

1st day of school — My first day at the university, with photos.

The Settlement Exhibition, Reykjavík — A visit there, and a bit about the extinct flightless bird, the great auk.

The great auk and Fire Island — More about the great auk, with photos from a guest photographer.

Let’s watch THE RAY BRADBURY THEATER in Iceland: 1.01: “Marionettes, Inc.” — First entry in this series, which I am particularly happy with. A lot of work went into this, with plenty of screen captures. Mister Bradbury and this series deserve it.

Let’s read THE GRAMOPHONE in Iceland: No. 3 — August 1923 — Some amusing quotes, and one less amusing one, from this issue, plus early music on the harpsichord.

Let’s listen to Bob Dylan in Iceland: 1959 — Starting a chronological listen of all his released music, with Spotify playlists per year.

Transposing — An amusing consequence of doing so much music recently.

My interest in music — A wish or a future plan.

Chopin & Leisure Suit Larry — A whimsy: sheet music of a Chopin piece as it appears in a classic adventure game.

The master index can be found here.


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