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From May 2018.

SEPTEMBER 11th 2018 — Last night I had maybe the saddest dream I remember having.

There was an unusual humanlike creature whose head was covered all over in fabric, a bit like a scarecrow’s head but with looser cloth. He could talk and he was kind and gentle.

Accidentally someone else we were with in the dream fell on him so that this other person’s elbow landed on the creature’s head. He went quiet though he was still moving a bit, but we were shocked and asked if he was okay.

He didn’t answer directly, just moved his head under the cloth a bit. I imagined what terrible injury must have happened and in a way it was worse because it could not be seen, only imagined. We had never even seen his real face under the fabric.

Then he asked to be taken out onto the ice, a frozen lake outside. We knew he was dying and he knew it. It was a terrible accident and not the other person’s fault, but it was too late to be helped.

I woke up and in the same moment burst into tears.

Like Jung pointed out, everything that happens in dreams is a psychological reality. The experience of a dream is real and has real effects. Same with stories.

And when something affects us deeply, there is always an inner reason.


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